About the Curriculum

P&C Academy’s Class 9 & 10 Integrated course is developed for students who wants to start early for their boards and entrance exam preparations. The courses are especially designed for students who wants to take up science stream for their higher secondary education. In this course the students can choose either CBSE or SEBA as their board for the SSLC Exam. Along with their board curriculum the students will undergo training for competitive exam like OLYMPIADS and NTSE which will ease their competitive journey into JEE & NEET as they move into higher secondary. Students will be automatically graduated to P&C Academy’s Integrated Course for Class 11 & 12 with CBSE or AHSEC registrations as per the student’s choice for Science Stream (Higher Education). They can opt for either Engineering or Medical preparations such as NEET, JEE and CEE, etc.


Comparison of Course Features

Conventional School + Coaching Integrated Course
Preparations limited to board level only.
Simultaneous preparation for boards and competitive exams.
Inadequate study material and dependency on books available in open market.
Specially curated study materials which is comprehensive and exhaustive leaving no requirement for any other book.
No time to Self-Study as evening hours are engaged in tuitions.
Ample time for self-studies as coaching and schooling are completed within day hours.
Time wasted in commuting from home to school and then to tuitions.
Only commute is from home to Academy. So, a lot of time is saved in commute.
Mismatch between school and tuition teaching creates confusion and stress.
Both the boards and competitive concepts are taught by same teachers in perfect sync.

Class 9 Integrated

In this course, students can opt for either CBSE or SEBA Board for their 10th Board Examinations. Here the students will be introduced to the basic and fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in order to prepare them for Entrance pattern exams. The Board pattern curriculum will also br thoroughly covered as per the Board's syllabus.

  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Eligibility: Class VIII passed
  • Batch Starts On: February, 2021

Class 10

This course plan involves regular classes, periodic tests and practicals along with doubt sessions. Our teaching methodology is structured in a way that, even though the focus is on their 10th Board Examinations, but our approach also prepares them for entrance examinations after their 12th Boards. So, this course is designed for those students, who wants to start early to have an extra advantage of stronger foundation needed to excel in entrance examinations.

  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Eligibility: Class IX passed
  • Batch Starts On: February, 2021

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