Shri Shyamkanu Mahanta's Daughter Chooses P&C Academy for Engineering Excellence!

Shri Shyamkanu Mahanta, a respected personality in Assam, has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of success. As we unravel the layers of his achievements and experiences, we'll gain insights into the values and principles that have guided his family's aspirations.

A Father's Journey with P&C Academy Integrated School Revealed!

In this exclusive testimonial video, Shri Pranjal Baruah ACP, Pub Kamrup, shares his transformative journey with P&C Academy. Two years ago, he meticulously researched various educational institutions and chose P&C Academy for its integrated system. Discover why he believed in P&C Academy,

Parent Testimony: Doctors Choose P&C Academy Integrated School for Their Child

Join us in this compelling testimonial as Dr. Hitendra Kalita, a distinguished medical professional, and his spouse Dr. Mridusmita Patowary share their journey of selecting the best educational foundation for their child.

Don Bosco Students Thrive at P&C Academy Integrated School for Board, NEET, and JEE Coaching

Embark on a journey of academic excellence with us! 🚀 Join us in celebrating the success stories of students from Don Bosco who are now pursuing their dream careers in medicine and engineering at P&C Academy Integrated School. 🏫 Recognized as the best coaching institute in the northeast for Board, NEET, and JEE coaching, our integrated approach ensures holistic development and exceptional results.

Meet Prasujya Bhagawati, a shining star from P&C Academy now excelling at IIT Guwahati

Meet Prasujya Bhagawati, a shining star from P&C Academy now excelling at IIT Guwahati in B.Tech Electronics & Telecommunication. Prasujya's journey mirrors our commitment to excellence at P&C Academy.

Khyati Kalita's Inspiring Journey with P&C Academy | Integrated School

Khyati, a determined Class XII student, embarked on her academic journey with P&C Academy with a clear goal in mind - excelling in both her board exams and the competitive entrance tests. With our integrated system, she found the perfect harmony between these two crucial aspects of her education.

Parents of Dayita Das Praise P&C Academy Integrated School for Academic Excellence

Parents of the accomplished Dayita Das share their gratitude for P&C Academy Integrated School in Baihata Chariali, near DPS Kamrup. Dr. Kakali Das, a distinguished professor and Head of the Physiology department at Barpeta Medical College, applauds the school for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence.
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